A Visit to Austin, Texas


Time flies way too fast. We realized that we work so hard that we forgot to stop and take a break. That's why we decided to visit Austin, Texas.We have heard a lot of positive things about that city. We booked our flight a month in advance and happily got a very good deal on our short weekend trip getaway package.

The first stop was in Dallas. It took us 2.5 hours to get there and of course, we had a delay on the flight to Austin. I think it worked out well because we got the chance to listen to a very good live band in one of the restaurants at the airport. The performer played acoustic guitar and sang soul, folk and ballad rock. The food there was really yummy and the airport was huge. After that, we waited at the boarding area and watched sad news about the Oklahoma storm tragedy. What a sad thing to watch and we truly thank God for keeping us safe from calamities.

So after one hour wait, we finally boarded the plane heading to Austin. It was a beautiful sunny day and the plane was fully packed with passengers. For the first time, I saw a puppy cuddled by a woman in her arms on the plane. Wow! To me, it was just like animals and humans are being treated equally, even in that long wait for the restroom. People really love pets in this country and so with most other countries around the world. Finally, we landed in Austin after a 35 minute flight. We just thought that we could have driven there from Dallas, but then we would have missed the really good deal. We were grateful that we arrived in Austin safely. We stopped by Hertz to pick up our rental car, only to be told that we have to wait. Well, we waited and after almost an hour, my patience went to zero so I talked to the customer service and asked for any vehicle that they may have available. We finally got a vehicle only, much to our disappointment, it was a big van good for 2 families. So, we just drove it to our hotel. The following morning we decided to go back to Hertz and exchange the gigantic vehicle for an economy car. We are glad we did that because that ended up saving us gas mileage. We were surprised that they gave us a Camry for no extra charge.

So the first day in Austin we checked out different places. The weather was dry heat and we think it was perfect weather. We drove to downtown Austin. The city was nice and most of the people were diverse. They have live bands in the city. Then we visited The Texas State Capitol and spent couple of more hours inside.
That was the biggest statehouse we have ever seen. Originally designed in 1881 by architect Elijah E. Myers, it was constructed from 1882 to 1888 under the direction of civil engineer Reuben Lindsay Walker. A $75 million underground extension was completed in 1993. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 and recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. The Texas State Capitol building is 308 ft (94 m) tall. There was quite a whole lot of history in this building. So after a long afternoon, we ended up the day eating dinner in a Mexican restaurant. The food was similar to El Vaquero and was satisfying.

The second day, we decided to check out the University of Texas. Since it was hard to park our car in the city, we decided to just drive around and we took a lot of pictures. All I can say is that University of Texas is very big!. It has many buildings inside the campus. One of these days, I would love to study at UT.

We also passed by Blanton Museum of Art and Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, the largest stadium (by capacity) in the state of Texas in 2008, now surpassed by Cowboy Stadium. So at the end of the day we met Ed's client at one of his businesses, Michi Ramen. The place was so cool and trendy. We loved the noodle soup and the dessert was awesome! It was delicious and affordable. If you guys decide to visit Austin, don't miss this highly recommended place.

On our last day in Austin, we drove up to the mountain. What beautiful scenery! You could see beautiful wall rocks, trees, lakes and a lot of folks went canoeing nearby the river and lake. They have cactus plants and a few palm trees. It was 86 degrees that day and you could not feel the heat because it was windy. We went to the park and enjoyed the air. Austin has so many nice parks and lakes. You will be amazed at how tame their animals behave. They are not afraid of people.

So time was up for us in Austin. It was time to head back to the airport and catch our plane. It was a very short visit, but we enjoyed our short getaway. We will surely miss this state. I hope you enjoy the pictures! I will keep you posted next time! - JR

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what a nice place. will love to see some more pics.. :)

Texas was one of my dream place in US. By the way nice shots :)

I have never been to Austin, but reading your blog makes me want to visit the place. :-)