A Visit To The Amish Country


It’s interesting to know and learn about Amish people. They do not believe in the many conveniences of modern technology. Buggies are their means of transportation. Their beliefs come from the old days of era, B.C.

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They are a group of Christian church fellowships that form a subgroup of the Mennonite churches.The Amish are known for simple living and plain dress, They baked their bread from scratch with no additives and it’s purely organic. I have tasted their bread and it was the best I had. We enjoyed visiting the Amish country. I took a couple of pictures. There were so many Amish riding in their buggies.There was an Amish girl riding on a horse, who didn't mind taking her picture at all. But, there was also one Amish family who did not like pictures. When I asked them if I could take some, they were in a hurry to move away with their buggies. Maybe I scared them away? One thing for sure I could tell, Amish hamburger was the best! ..