The Cute Baby and the Red Tomato


It was almost noon when I stopped by Kroger to pick up some fruits for lunch. While I was looking for some fresh apples and veggies, I heard a loud chuckle nearby. I looked around and saw this very cute baby holding a tomato.What an adorable sight! Deep inside I wanted to pinch this beautiful little angel because she was so cute!

So I passed by the baby and her mom and smiled at them. Then I asked the mother the baby’s name. She said her name is Zoey and is 5 months old. Her mom said that a lot of people had stopped by to appreciate her little baby girl. Some tried to play with her while others wanted to pinch her face and provide hands out of fondness. If you see this baby in person, you would think that she is a living baby doll. I could bet that you too would like to play with her.

Babies are innocent. They don’t care about the problems of the world. They are a great gift from God for some who are destined to become mothers according to His will and plan. Some are not destined to have a baby no matter how much they desire. But, that is alright because if that is God’s will, then it must be good for them and God has a purpose. We were babies once in our life and passed this stage until we became adults. Every time I see a baby, it makes me think that while we still live here on earth, we should make the most out of it, live to the fullest and enjoy every minute of the day for we may not pass this way again. Always be kind to others, if possible, avoid hating our enemies, but instead pray for those who have forsaken us. You’ll never know that they too have their own share of struggles in life. I hope we can just all ignore the negatives in this world and stay focused on the positive things. If we only can do that, our life would be so much smoother and the world would be nicer to us! This is just a little share of my thoughts. We can all do this together, not tomorrow, not the next day after tomorrow, but today.

Thank you for visiting my site. The next time I see a baby, I am hoping that he will be holding a different fruit. For sure, I will keep you posted! - JR


Such a cute baby!

that baby is really adorable